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The Digital Divide

You hear a lot of talk about computers isolating people from each other, and I think in many cases that’s true, especially if your job involves staring at a screen all day. But computers also have great power to bring … Continue reading

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Heartwood Guitar Instruction Releases Nanochartâ„¢ to Public

Hey Everyone,I’ve developed a new way of writing chord diagrams that I’ll be using in all future chord charts, and will eventually include them in currently posted chord charts too. Here’s some press about it:By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSPublished: April 28, … Continue reading

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Pick-Hand Flight School

Students in my recent workshop at Pick-Hand Flight School,West Point Military Academy. I didn’t take any guff from those cocky flyboys. What’s the hardest thing about playing guitar? Sore fingers? Sore neighbors? I’d say the hardest part is hitting the … Continue reading

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Gifts From the Guitar Gods – Easy Songs that Sound Hard

“Hey Zeus, check out this cool riff I learned!” A couple days ago a Notebook reader was telling me how much she was enjoying learning “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, and asked me if there were some similar … Continue reading

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Music Theory! Wheeee!

I’m sure there are people out there who enjoy reading about music theory. I’m sure there are also people out there who like to watch their fingernails grow. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you fall into … Continue reading

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A Memo From the Department of Thumb Placement Correction

Today I’m going to expose what I consider the most pervasive and insidious bit of misinformation plaguing modern society. No, it’s not that Columbus didn’t discover America. It doesn’t have anything to do with racism, the environment, or politics. It’s … Continue reading

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My Favorite Tool For Learning Difficult Songs

It’s called Power Tab Editor, and it’s free. Designed primarily for transcribing music in tablature (with standard music notation above), Power Tab Editor is also very useful for figuring out songs with fast, complicated parts. Here’s how it works: Download … Continue reading

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Free Guitar Lessons on Video

Yesterday I ran across the best collection of free, online guitar lesson videos I’ve seen on the web. The lessons are clear, include opportunities to play along with a jam track, and the video quality is excellent. They’re excerpts from … Continue reading

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How to Strum a Guitar – Strumming 101

This Tutorial Will Teach You To Strum in 20 Minutes When I was a teenager teaching myself guitar in the 1980’s, the web didn’t exist. Googling wasn’t something you did on the computer—you did it with your eyes, at the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Having Fun

What’s the use of practicing guitar if you’re headed toward burnout? Whenever you’re working on something–a song, as skill, and exercise–you should be listening to your gut, asking yourself if what you’re doing is inspiring you. I mention this because … Continue reading

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