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For All You Guitarists/Gymnasts Out There

Picture this: You’re playing for a sold-out crowd of shrieking fans, and as your band pounds its way toward oblivion, you near the climax of your guitar solo. You go into a crouch, ready to launch yourself into a well-rehearsed … Continue reading

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Barre Chord Basics | How to Play Barre Chords

I’ve decided to start sprinkling tips among my longer tutorials and articles. Here’s the first… Barre chords are the scourge of the beginning guitarist. Like a bum knee, a prison record, the inability of matter to exceed the speed of … Continue reading

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Musical Baton

Big Fuzz tossed me a musical baton tonight. This is one quiz I can ace…. Total volume of music in my PC: 20.57GB of mp3’s, plus another 60GB or so of tracks I’ve recorded The last CD I bought: Exile … Continue reading

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From Slaying Ghouls to Teaching Stairway

For the past two years, I’ve been teaching out of a one-bedroom apartment in a building with paper-thin walls. During that time, my business grew from a handful of students to about thirty-five. While my neighbors have generally been gracious … Continue reading

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Improvising 201: Spinach for Dinner

Welcome to Chef Hampton’s All-You-Can-Stand Improvisational Guitar Buffet. Our first course is boiled spinich–a bland, soggy scale exercise that is nonetheless packed with vitamins and minerals. Fortified with clear diagrams and video clips, this meal is an important part of … Continue reading

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Blog On Safari

Sorry about the absence. I’ve been exploring the exciting world of Domain Transfer for the past couple weeks. All I’ve got to say is, it’s good to be home. How do you like the new format? It should be a … Continue reading

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New Chord Charts Available

I’ve just posted a bunch of new chord charts of songs I’ve taught recently. I also revised some of the more popular songs by adding chord charts written in my new format. New songs now available: Bowling for Soup – … Continue reading

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Improvising 101

When I propose to my beginner students that they try out improvising, most give me a funny look. It’s something like, “You’ve got to be kidding me, I can’t even play for more than a minute without dropping my pick … Continue reading

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