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Wild Thing

While we’re on the subject of music and child development, here’s a recording of “Wild Thing” performed by Connor Wartelle, seven years old. Connor came to his first lesson in May with a 1/2-sized Stratocaster with two strings on it. … Continue reading

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Baby Got A Groove On

My new realtor just told me the most amazing story. We’d been chatting about teaching music to young kids, and how little kids get a lot out of whanging and whomping on the guitar strings—it might not sound like music … Continue reading

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Segovia Meets The Who

This was my backpacking guitar until I backed over it at a trailhead in Idaho two summers ago. The back popped off and the neck buckled, but it was somewhat intact. It sat in my basement like Norman Bates’ mother … Continue reading

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How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar

Update: This article inspired a two-year project writing a book on the subject. Check out Rob’s Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook. Someone over at Guitar Noise asked about specific steps he could take to start teaching guitar. Here was my … Continue reading

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Blues Turnarounds

I thought all you folks who read my blog would enjoy checking out a lesson on blues turnarounds I taught my Blues Workshop students today. Included are mp3’s of each turnaround—just click “Listen.” Turnarounds, typically played during the last two … Continue reading

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