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Newsletter Issue 2: String Bending

Bending is the art of stretching a string to raise the pitch. Bends create a moaning or wailing sound associated with the blues, but can bring expressiveness and style to pretty much any type of music. A few well-place bends … Continue reading

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The Newsletter Needs a Name

The Heartwood Hammer-on? No… The Heartwood Harmonic? That’s OK, I guess… Anyone out there have a better idea for the name for my new rag?

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My Newsletter's First Issue – Why I Love Power Chords

As some of you may have noticed, I’m now writing a weekly newsletter. If you’re interested in subscribing, you can learn more here, or just scroll down on the main blog page and find the form in the right-hand column. … Continue reading

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The $100 Challenge Winner Is…

Some of you might recall, way back in December, I presented my blog readers with a challenge: What could I do with the traffic this website attracts (about 9000 visitors a day, now) that would both generate income and provide … Continue reading

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Not Kidnapped by Aliens

Hi Everyone, or rather, Everyone Minus All The People Who’ve Left Me For Dead, Oh! You’re still here! Nice to see you again! Guess where I’ve been for the past five months? Not kidnapped by aliens, I’m afraid. I bought … Continue reading

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