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Falling Slowly

For the past couple days my girlfriend Meg and I have been rehearsing in my little backyard studio, she on my keyboard, me on guitar, both of us singing under my Japanese lantern lights. We’re preparing the song “Falling Slowly” … Continue reading

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Gearing Up for the Coffee Shop Jam

It’s that time of the year again. Students suddenly realize that they need to replace their dull, stained, dead-sounding strings. Conversation during our lessons moves from music theory to how to execute a leap on stage while still hitting the … Continue reading

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Here's My Guitar Pro Catalogue

I often use the tablature editing/playing software Guitar Pro 5 to write out complicated riffs and solos for my students. This evening it occurred to me that I should post them on my website—who knows? Maybe someone out there is … Continue reading

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Great Backwards Moments In Rock

I love recording studio shenanigans. And one of my favorite tricks is recording backwards. This technique has a rich tradition—the Beatles made liberal use of it, Led Zeppelin was demonized for allegedly exploiting it, and, in my opinion, we are … Continue reading

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