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The Bummer of ’72

Up early this morning working on my almost-finished book for guitar teachers, which I’m tentatively calling Rob’s Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook. Yesterday I came up with this introduction to a section on teaching your students to play safely (I … Continue reading

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Archive: Interview with Brett Singer

Brett and I discussed the popularity of Wesley’s “Folsom Prison Blues” video, some of the tricks I use for teaching guitar to young kids, and I got in a little rant about the bankruptcy of American culture. Here’s an .mp3 … Continue reading

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Interview This Friday, Aug. 7, 9am PST

Brett Singer of Babble Radio (an online talk radio program associated with the parenting magazine Babble) will be interviewing me this Friday about the popularity of what has come to be known as the “Folsom Pwison Blues” video. I hope … Continue reading

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