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The Wesley TV Show – Paparazzi

My student Wesley and I have been having fun this past month filming songs and commercials for a make-believe TV show. It’s been an awesome motivator for practicing songs. Here’s his first segment: Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Yep, he chose the … Continue reading

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Huge Chord Chart Update

I’m happy to announce the biggest chord chart update ever—over eighty new songs added, plus about thirty revisions. Almost all have strum pattern recommendations. I know how valuable those are to many of you. At the end of this list, … Continue reading

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We all need heroes: People who inspire us to realize our full potential and to do the hard work of being good. People to imagine when making tough decisions, and ask, “What would _______ do?” I just found a new … Continue reading

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PolyTune Rocks

I usually don’t plug products, but the just-released PolyTune app for the iPhone is amazing. You strum the open strings on your guitar, and the six pairs of dots—one for each string—show which strings are out of tune. Instead of … Continue reading

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