Raconteurs, The - Steady As She Goes Solo Tabs

Steady As She Goes Solo Tabs in Guitar Pro Format

This is the noodling Jack White does during the third verse (more or less--it's hard to pick out of the mix).

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Note: You need Guitar Pro software installed on your computer to use this file. Details below.

What's Guitar Pro?

Guitar Pro is the best tablature reading and editing software out there. It plays guitar tablature so that you can hear what it's supposed to sound like, and has lots of tools for slowing down the playback, looping, etc.

You can learn more about Guitar Pro here, or you can go directly to the website here.


Most of the Guitar Pro tabs I've posted on my free guitar chords page were requested by my students, and were only meant to be printed out. So while some of these files are quite accurate when it comes to pitch and rhythm, most have inaccurate tempo. Also, some of the tabs have been simplified for beginner students.

I hope you enjoy the music!