Here’s the lesson where you really learn how to entertain people. So far, you’ve just learned how to strum the rhythm part of a song, which is cool--it might impress people for a moment, or get their foot tapping a bit. But no matter how good your strumming is, it’s just an accompaniment part, a side dish to the main course of the song. The main course I’m talking about is its vocal part--the words and melody you sing along with those chords. Once you can strum the guitar part and sing the vocal part simultaneously, your song works as a complete whole. You’re your own band.

Now pulling this off if you’ve never done it before is a huge rub-your-belly-and-pat-your-head challenge, but never fear! As you might have guessed, I’ve got a secret recipe that will get you there as quickly as possible. Check it out.

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