As you noticed, bass lines on a guitar sound a little sparse. A little spare. A little spartan. Let’s fatten them up with what the guitar’s really built for playing: Chords. Chords are three or more notes played together. The three chords we’ll be learning in this section are the A, D, and E chords. Remember those A, D, and E bass notes you learned in the last section? These are the chords that go with those notes. Here’s the A note, and the A chord, which uses that A note as the lowest sounding note in the chord. Here’s your D bass note, and the D chord. E note, E chord. So chords fatten up your bass notes by adding other notes in the mix that sound good with the bass note.

I’ll also be teaching you how to hold a pick and strum in this lesson, so that you can play your song with a more interesting rhythm than the quarter-note rhythm, which just plods along, right? By the end of this lesson, you’ll know how to strum your whole song. Let’s get going!

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