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        D   D U D   D U
Strum:  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

This is a diagram of the strum pattern we’ll use for Midnight Special.

This is one of the most basic strumming patterns I know, so you may be able to learn it just by groovifying--just watch me play and try to pick up on the groove. So I’m going to play four measures of this, and see if you can just do what I do.

If that worked for you, and you were keeping your arm in constant up-down motion, strumming down when I was strumming down and up when I was strumming up, then great. Just practice that pattern about 30 more times so that you build some muscle memory, and then move on to the next lesson.

If that didn’t work for you, it’s probably because you’re an analyzer, not a groovifier. You want things broken down and spelled out. So let’s start by learning how to say the pattern. If you can say it, you can play it.

I’m going to start chanting the pattern, and you jump in when you think you’ve got it.

Now let’s try playing it. Remember keep you arm in a constant up-down rhythm, with no jerky movements. Don’t get all Chuck Norris on the strings, you are tai-chi master dusting a glass chandelier.

Great. Feel free to rewind and practice with me some more, or pause the video and play it on your own. Play this pattern about 30 times to build some muscle memory, then move on my next lesson on making chord transitions smooth while strumming.

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