New Features: Hot Songs and Cool Buttons

I’ve been in mad-scientist mode this past weekend, making some changes to the site design. What day is it? Where did all these dirty dishes come from?

Let me know if you think the work was worth it.

FireWhat’s Hot

There’s now a list of the most popular songs, both on the web and on this website, in the sidebar of the chord charts.

Google +1 and Like ButtonLike and Google +1 Buttons

You can now share your favorite blog posts, chord charts, and other pages on this site with your friends on Facebook.

Also, I’ve added Google +1 buttons, Google’s answer to the “Like” button, on some pages. Your friends will see pages you’ve +1’d when they sift through Google search results.

Google +1 and Like ButtonNavigation Bar Redesign

I made the navigation bar at the top of the page smaller, making more room for the vastly more interesting stuff below.

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