Blog Hacked

So sorry about the obnoxious ad popping up (so far it only seems to happen when people visit me from search engines). I’m de-hacking as we speak.


EDIT: My awesome web host,, fixed the problem.  They even back up my site every day, which I didn’t realize.  What a relief.

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  1. I am really sorry to hear about the hack. The same thing happened to one of my guitar blogs. It was because I had the old version of WP. You may want to look at upgrading. You have done too much work (good solid content I might add) to let some hacker destroy your efforts. It cost me $3,000 to fix my site. I got hit by an I-Frame.


    Call your host and see if you can do a website roll back. They will take your guitar blog and make it the way it was in the past. If you use a company like GoDaddy, they back up everyday. It costs a couple hundred bucks, but well worth it. The only problem I had was it gave me a bunch of weird symbols I had to clean up.

    Make sure you’re using the latest WP version.

    Well, I hope I could help. I’m a studio owner who teaches guitar lessons in Jacksonville and I’m always looking to see what people in the industry are talking about. Glad you are getting things fixed, I enjoy your stuff. I’ve had friends throw in the towel when getting hacked.

  2. Why would someone bother to hack your site? I mean really? Have you nothing better to do? I’m sorry to hear about your complications but glad they’re taken care of.

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