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Even if you’re a total beginner, rhythmically challenged, or older than the Rolling Stones

Singing while strumming: It’s why you chose the guitar.

Why is it so hard?

Let’s face it: The guitar and the human voice is the best musical combo ever created. Learn a few chords and a strumming pattern, sing with conviction, and you can make music that will move people’s hearts and bring them to tears.

But first, you have to get over a huge hurdle, one that some guitarists pound against for years and never overcome: Singing while playing a steady, consistent strumming pattern .

I remember the frustration.

I taught myself the basics in high school, on my mom’s old ’52 Martin guitar, with only a chord book and a couple years of piano and trumpet lessons to help me.

I got to the point where I could strum a song in the key of G decently, but every time I jumped in to sing, this is what happened:

It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Over my 14-year career, I’ve developed a simple, effective formula for getting students–regardless of their previous experience or natural skill–strumming and singing beautifully. It’s not that this skill is incredibly difficult. It’s just that without a good teacher to guide them, people go about it wrong.

The problem is task overload.

You wouldn’t teach a child to ride a unicycle if they’d never ridden a bike before. But aspiring singer/guitarists inevitably skip huge steps when they try to sing and play. They try to accomplish the near-impossible, and when they fail, they often decide that, well, maybe they just weren’t born to make music.

But if you’ve read this far, you’re not in that category. Maybe you’re a total beginner and haven’t even tried. Either way, I have good news, because I can teach you to strum and sing.

What Students Say

Farida Dowler


Learning guitar with Rob Hampton was one of the best decisions I ever made as an adult.

Nick O’Connell

Writer and Teacher

Rob broke the song down into its parts, teaching me how to practice it to the point I was able to perform it, a terrifying but ultimately thrilling experience that I would never have pulled without Rob’s enthusiasm and gifted teaching style. Thank you, Rob!

John Parchem


I’d been playing guitar for 20 years before meeting Rob, but I still I sounded like a beginner. I was like an adult learning a foreign language, able to become proficient but speaking with a horrible accent. More embarrassing, I could not strum through a simple song and sing to it. It was hard to maintain a consistent rhythm, and not break down entirely while trying to sing. After I retired, I decided to get help and called Rob.

We picked out some music that I liked, and using that music, Rob got me to sing while strumming. Rob’s strength was to break down all that was going on, and provide simple exercises that allowed me to make progress without being overwhelmed. For example, he had me simplify the strumming pattern when I’d first start learning to sing a new song. Once I was able to put that simplified pattern on autopilot and sing along, I could slowly increase the complexity of my guitar accompaniment while maintaining the rhythm and singing with confidence.

Since starting lessons with Rob, I’ve learned songs from Creedence to Pink Floyd, and can now actually view a recorded performance without cringing.

Erik Nordstrom

Co-President, Nordstrom, Inc.

Rob teaches from such a nurturing and positive perspective that you can’t help but have fun.

Kumar Mehta

Four months after I touched a guitar for the first time, I performed in public.

What Teachers Say

Mark DiFlorio

Drummer, Teacher, & Producer

Rob’s greatest ability is to communicate ideas simply, clearly, and powerfully.

Joe Walker

Guitarist, Teacher

Rob has the gift of empathy: He can see issues from other people’s perspectives, whether technical or emotional.

The 4-Step Formula

It’s really a simple process: I teach you the right way to play, at the right pace.

  • Learn the Basics

    If you’re a total beginner, or need a refresher, I’ll teach you the right way to fret a note, play a chord, and strum. Then you’ll learn the A, D, and E chords–the three chords used in the upcoming songs.

  • Choose a Song

    There are three songs to choose from: “Midnight Special” (a rock song), “Can the Circle Be Unbroken” (an old country tune), and the blues song “Dust My Broom”.

  • Master the Strum Pattern

    To juggle strumming and singing, you have to put your strumming on autopilot. How do you do that? Get that strum pattern in your muscle memory. I keep things fun by playing along with you and providing professionally recorded jam tracks.

  • Ease in the Singing Gradually

    This is where self-taught guitarists falter, and where this course really shines. We’ll start singing with a super-simple strum pattern at first, slowly adding complexity until you’re singing with the complete strum pattern.


Skills You’ll Learn

I’ll teach you the essential skills for a lifetime of great guitar playing.

  • Perfect Tuning

    Bad tuning means bad music, no matter how good you are.

  • Quick Chord Changing

    The key to making quick, accurate chord changes is to stay in contact with the strings using anchor and lead fingers.

  • Fretting with Ease

    Most beginners waste energy and torture their fingertips by fretting wrong. The secret is fretting close to the highwire.

  • Strumming Smoothly

    There are four principles of good strumming that enable you to play on autopilot.

  • Playing in Rhythm

    You’ll learn to play in sync with a recording by playing the simplest kind of guitar part: A quarter-note bass line.

  • Using a Capo

    I’ll teach you how to change the key of your song using this simple string clamp, enabling you to match the song to your unique voice.

  • Efficient Practicing

    If you want to play cleanly, it’s critical to avoid mistakes while you practice. How do you do that? Slow down and simplify.

  • Singing while Strumming

    You’ll learn how modify your strum pattern to make singing manageable, then slowly increase the difficulty, so that you’re never overwhelmed.

This is What You Get

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  • 40 Online Video Lessons

    Videos are accessible on any device, wherever you have an internet connection.

  • Gorgeous Jam Tracks

    Jam Tracks for each song you’ll learn have been professionally recorded at a variety of tempos. Locking in with a great-sounding jam track is fun!

  • Printable PDF's

    You can print chord charts, tablature, and other handouts for quick reference when you’re away from the computer.

  • Fast, Friendly Support

    Contacting me with problems, questions, or feedback is as easy as clicking the “Feedback” tab on every lesson page.


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