Duff, Hilary – Where Did I Go Right?


Where Did I Go Right?

Hilary Duff



/ Em - Dsus2 - / Cmaj7 - - - / (x2)



                 Em                             Dsus2

I'm always too late, I see the train leaving

                 Cmaj7                       Dsus2
I'm always laughing, when its not cool to smile

                 Em                                   Dsus2

I'm always aiming, but somehow keep missing

                 Cmaj7                            Dsus2 (hold)
So how did u get here, something is wrong



                      G                            G/F#
Where did I go right, How did I get you

                            C         G
How come all this blue sky is around me

and you found me

Dsus2              G                           Em
Where did I go right, How did I get you

   Am            G/B   C              
I dont know how I did, but somehow now I do



/ Em - Dsus2 - / Cmaj7 - - - /


                  Em                                 Dsus2
I'm always driving, forget where I'm going

                             Cmaj7                             Dsus2

Should have turned left but I'm singing some song

               Em                           Dsus2
I'm am arriving as everyones leaving

                             Cmaj7                        Dsus2 (hold)
But then you were waiting, something is wrong




Em           D                        Em       
Makes no sense to me, no it isn’t clear

       D                     C
but somehow you’re standing here

Em              D                         C                     D
Something gets to me, it said nothing is wrong

(Chorus x2)



/ Em - Dsus2 - / Cmaj7 - - - /


somehow now I do


/ Em - Dsus2 - / Cmaj7 - - - /



somehow now I do