Buffett, Jimmy – Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants


Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants

Jimmy Buffett

Album: Vocano


/ D - - G / - - - A / - - - - / D - - - / x4

/ D - - - / x3


D                                G         A              D

Now young Mr. Moon flew away in the night

D                                G         A              D

With his best friend Magnus right by his side

D                                      G             A                 D

They soared through the Milky Way counting the stars

D                   G                 A              D  Dsus2

Once around Venus, twice around Mars


         D                     G              A          D

Then they spied an island rise out of the sea

D                             G           A              D

They fell back to Earth just as free as you please

D                         G                     A                 D

The children all gathered the church bells did ring

D                G                 A           D

Suddenly everyone started to sing



D                  G        A       D

Chanson pour les petits enfants

D                   A7                 D

Chason pour toute le monde

D                 G        A         D

Chanson pour les petits enfants

D                       A7                 D

Chanson pour toute le monde


D                     G              A          D

Queen of the island she welcomed them in

D                     G              A          D

Asked them questions of where they have been

D                                G         A              D

She offered them chocolate she offered them tea

D                                G         A              D

They all took their seats in the top of a tree


        D                         G                  A                           D

And raccoons brought wine and the mice they brought cheese

D             G                 A              D

Beautiful birds floated by on the breeze

         D                G             A              D

From out of the oceans the dolphins began

D                G                     A                 D

Humming a tune that soon covered the land




D                          G                A              D

So young Princess Lia brought coral and pearls

D                  G                   A              D

Gifts to the travelers from some other world

D                         G                A          D

The bush doctor mixed up a magical spell

D                      G           A          D

Swore them to secrecy, never to tell


       D              G               A              D

So young Mr. Moon flew away in the night

         D                     G              A              D

With his best friend Magnus still right by his side

        D             G                A              D

The sun was rising, they'd be home by noon

D                     G                  A         D

Humming the words to this magical tune


Chorus x2