Branch, Michelle – All You Wanted


All You Wanted

Michelle Branch

Intro/Chorus Riff:

 Em           D            C            G          (end)D


Intro:  Riff x2



I wanted to be like you

I wanted everything

So I tried to be like you

and I got swept away


Em        D         Cadd9         G      

I didn’t know that it was so cold and

Em              D               Cadd9              G

you needed someone to show you the way

Em                   D       Cadd9          G     

So I took your hand and we figured out that

Em          D                   Cadd9        G   D (x4)

when the tide comes I'll take you away



Em     Cadd9  G        D

If you want to, I can save you

Em    Cadd9        G                D

I can take you away from here

Em        Cadd9 G           D

So lonely inside so busy out there

Em              Cadd9                G                D

And all you wanted was somebody who cares


Intro Riff x1


Em        D         Cadd9         G      

I'm sinking slowly so hurry hold me

Em               D                Cadd9               G      
Your hand is all I have to keep me hanging on

Em                   D       Cadd9    G      
Please can you tell me so I can finally see

Em              D                    Cadd9     G      D (x2)
Where you go when you're gone


C           D                                        C
All you wanted was somebody who cares

         D                                            C  C/B  C/A  C/G  D/F# (x4)
If you need me you know I'll be there



Intro x2




Intro x1


Please can you tell me
So I can finally see
Where you go when you're gone