Strum & Sing In 60 Days

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Perfect for total beginners, and anyone who wants to polish the fundamentals with a world-class teacher.

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What’s all the excitement?

I call it Song-Based Instruction. Learning the guitar is most fun if you’re applying every new skill to a song you dig.

This simple approach has helped millions of guitarists play the music they love, for the people they love.

Come join the fun!
  • 10 hours of video

  • Learn 3 Songs

  • Sing while strumming

  • No experience necessary

  • Gorgeous jam tracks


My Students Give it an A+

“Rob, you are such a special and natural teacher. I don’t know how you do it, but even as I awkwardly fumble with a new challenge you seem to know just how to move me forward.” – Alexandra

“I’ve been watching lessons on youtube for about 5 years now and you are by far the best.” – Brian

“Wow, I’m so glad I found you, your teaching style and the way you break it down is by far the best I’ve seen so far.” – Pravin

“Hey man, just came across your videos. They’re really good and super helpful. Quit slacking and make like a hundred more.” – Garret

“Impressive! You do everything but come to my house and play my guitar. Keep making lessons!” – 77isbetterthan69

“Love the way you teach! Looking forward to more lessons!” – Chris

“You talk about freedom and courage for singing, and you actually show it…You are the teacher I would recommend to everybody!” – N Gabor

“Very easy and helpful for beginners like me…You’ve made my interest in playing the guitar start once again.” – Vanshika

“Yay! Finally, I can play and sing this song alone.” – Tien