The Plague of the Black-Diamond-Question-Marks

I don’t believe in astrology, but if I did, I’d say my technology stars aren’t aligned so far this year.  I’ve fixed my hacked blog, but it looks like the “fix” has now infested all my song pages with evil lines of question marks.  They symbols are a web-browser’s way of saying, “I have no idea what you’re trying to display here.”

So far my awesome hosting service,, has been able to help me fix things within a day.  We’ll see.  Thanks for your patience.


EDIT:  It’s all been fixed–thanks for your help!

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  1. It looks to me like your HTTP Header says the documents are in UTF-8 character encoding, and your HTML code says they’re Windows-1251. I think you need to get the web server to return the correct Content-Type header.

  2. hey its an encoding issue, mostly bad utf-8 encoding when the database was updated. it has affected a bunch of people, and if you search for utf-8 wordpress database update or something along those lines youll find some plugins or other fixes.

    isn’t technology awesome?!

  3. Thanks, guys. I forwarded your advice on to the support dept.

    Sounds like I might be able to fix the problem by just re-uploading the songs. If only I could get FTP to work (looks like the server switch broke that too…)

  4. I use wordpress too, though I do it self-hosted style. I’ve got a couple of random little blogs I write, and haven’t had any trouble with them except for one – even after all the wordpress updates that have come out since then.

    Might be an option to consider? It costs about $10 per month for unlimited hosting at most providers (don’t worry, no affiliate links I promise) 🙂 But just Google “hosting providers” and you’ll find plenty to choose from.

    Anyway, I feel for you. Corrupted – or even hacked – files are such a pain. But I’m glad to see you’re getting it figured out…

    … keep fighting the good fight 🙂

  5. Hi Rob, just dropped into your site and blog for the first time in a while, you’ve done a tremendous job.

    I quickly needed the chords to a Norah song for a student and it popped up on Google straight away, I didn’t have time to sit and work it out before breakfast, at first glanceit looks pretty close..

    fantastic and appreciated


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