Guitar Teacher in Seattle, WA

My Recordings

I discovered the magic of multitrack recording in high school. My friend Joaby, who's now a hot-shot recording engineer in San Francisco, had a 4-track tape recorder and a few mics set up in his parent's basement. We wore that 4-track out capturing hideous renditions of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin songs. It's a great gift to the world of music that the basement was a disorganized mess, and that most of our recordings, like the Ark of the Covenant at the end of Indiana Jones, are lost somewhere in a pile of junk.

I still love getting noisy in front of a microphone. Here are a few songs I've recorded over the past few years using my home recording equipment.

Hail! Thunder! Lightning! (2004) The backup vocals on this were performed by about 20 people at my apartment-warming BBQ.  It's still my favorite part of the song.

Rip it Out (2002) This was the first song I recorded on my computer's multitrack recording software. It's a big mess of samples, inspired by The Avalanches' "Frontier Psychiatry".

Zachery Was a Jester (2005) A Christmas gift for my five-year-old nephew, who just a few months before had started telling jokes.