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Daughters - Easy Version

John Mayer


Capo 2


Strum: D   D U D U   (w/swing feel)

       1 + 2 + 3 +


Chord Guide

        2 1

Am7:  x02010



        3 4 1

G7sus4: 3x3010

       32 1

C:    x32010


Gm/D: xx0333


Fm/D: xx0111


Cmaj7: x32000


Dm:   xx0231


Em:   022000

      3    4

G:    3x0003



Intro (x2):

/ Am7 - - / - - - / D7sus2/A - - / - - - /

/ G7sus4 - - / - - - / C - - / - - - /


Am7 (x2)       D7sus2/A (x2)

I know a girl

                    G7sus4 (x2)                 C (x2)

She puts the color inside of my world

Am7 (x2)                   D7sus2/A (x2)

She's just like a maze

                        G7sus4 (x2)                    C (x2)

Where all of the walls all continually change

       Am7 (x2)             D7sus2/A (x2)

And I've done all I can

                          G7sus4 (x2)                              C (x2)

To stand on her steps with my heart in my hands

        Am7 (x2)               D7sus2/A (x2)

Now I'm starting to see

                       G7sus4 (x2)                    C (x2)

Maybe it's got nothing to do with me



Am7          D7sus2/A    G7sus4    C

Fathers be good to your daugh   -   ters

Am7               D7sus2/A  G7sus4    C

Daughters will love like you do

Am7            D7sus2/A  G7sus4   C

Girls become lovers who turn into mothers

       Am7          D7sus2/A  G7sus4    C

So mothers be good to your daughters too



/ Am7 - - / - - - / D7sus2/A - - / - - - /

/ G7sus4 - - / - - - / C - - / - - - /


Am7 (x2)                     D7sus2/A (x2)

Oh, you see that skin?

            G7sus4 (x2)                            C (x2)

It's the same she's been standing in

               Am7 (x2)                   D7sus2/A (x2)

Since the day she saw him walking away

                 G7sus4 (x2)                                   C (x2)

Now she's left cleaning up the mess he made






Gm/D   Fm/D      C (x2)

Boys,     you can break

         Cmaj7 (x2)                           Am7 (x2)

You'll find out how much they can take

                      Dm (x2)

Boys will be strong

                        Em (x2)

And boys soldier on

                             Fm/D (x2)

But boys would be gone without warmth from

      G (x4)

A woman's good, good heart


Instrumental Chorus


                   Am7        D7sus2/A         G7sus4   C

On behalf of every man   looking out for every girl - You are the

Am7            D7sus2/A    G7sus4    C

god and the weight of her world


Chorus, repeat last line 3x

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