I help everyday people have an extraordinarily good time making music

I've been teaching guitar in Seattle, WA since 2003. I specialize in teaching shy singers, beginners and intermediate players of all ages, and young children, some as young as 4 years old.

I've discovered that what most music students need to foster a lifelong love of making music is to give them fun experiences on stage. So twice a year my students perform in a rowdy student recital called The Jam.

Once my students make legitimately good music on stage for a cheering audience, they get why the hard work practicing music is worth it.


This could be your child.

Or this could be you.

Location and Hours

I teach private lessons worldwide on Zoom, and can teach in your home in the Seattle area. READ ON

Kid- and Adult-Friendly

I love teaching both kids and adults at a variety of skill levels, with a focus on beginning and intermediate guitarists. READ ON

Guitar = Fun

My philosophy is pretty simple: People learn guitar best when they’re playing music they love. So we’ll focus on the musical genres you like most. READ ON


I’ve played guitar for over 35 years. And I’ve been teaching my whole adult life: First as a seriously stressed-out high school teacher, and now (more happily) as a guitar teacher. READ ON

Great Student Concerts

I figured out how to give even beginners the kind of stage experiences they'll treasure for a lifetime. Sound fun? Check out footage from my semi-annual Jams. GO

Upcoming Jam Info

For my private students. GO