Guitar Should Be Fun

If it’s not fun, why do it? There are much more productive ways of not having fun. Learning any musical instrument can feel awkward, so it helps to have a teacher who wants you to feel confident and relaxed while you’re learning.

How Do I Make it Fun

I’ll teach you the songs you love.

Before our first lesson, we’ll talk about the music you like. Then I’ll design a course of study that will teach you the fundamentals of guitar playing by teaching you your favorite songs.

I’ll make it not-too-easy and not-too-hard.

In school, we called this scaffolding–making sure we teach A before we teach B, building on prior knowledge as if we were building scaffolding from the ground up. Scaffolding demands patience and careful attention to progress. It also requires humility: The teacher must be open to rethinking a lesson if it isn’t effective.

I’ll bring my love of music and teaching to each lesson.

Enthusiasm is contagious.