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John Lennon

Strum: D B D B D B D B

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Chord Guide

       32 1

C:    x32010


Cmaj7: x32000


F:    133211


Am:   x02210


Dm:   xx0211

       3 211

Dm/C: x3x211

       1   3

G/B:  x20003

      3    1

G7:   3x0001

       2 1

E7:   020100



C            Cmaj7       F(2)

Imagine there's no heaven

C          Cmaj7    F(2)
It's easy if you try

C       Cmaj7  F(2)
No hell below us

C           Cmaj7   F(2)
Above us only sky

F           Am         Dm7  Dm7/C
Imagine all the people

G/B(2)      G7(hold 2)
living for today


C            Cmaj7        F(2)
Imagine there's no countries

C            Cmaj7   F(2)
It isnt hard to do

C              Cmaj7   F(2)
Nothing to kill or die for

C        Cmaj7  F(2)
No religion too

F           Am        Dm7  Dm7/C
Imagine all the people

G/B(2)           G7(hold 2)
living life in peace



F            G               C        E7

You may say I’m a dreamer

F            G                   C   E7
but I’m not the only one

F                   G            C        E7
I hope some day you'll join us

F            G                     
And the world will

C              Cmaj7   F(2)

live as one


/ C - - - / Cmaj7 - - - / F - - - / - - - - /


C          Cmaj7   F(2)
Imagine no possesions

C            Cmaj7    F(2)
I wonder if you can

C                  Cmaj7        F(2)
No need for greed or hunger

C            Cmaj7       F(2)
A brotherhood of man

F           Am          Dm7  Dm7/C
Imagine all the people

G/B(2)      G7(hold 2)
Sharing all the world

Chorus (end on C at beginning of last line)

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