Learn guitar by playing songs you love.

It’s way more fun (and effective) to learn new guitar skills when you can apply them to your favorite songs. Read on to see how my innovative teaching techniques, enhanced chord charts and Guitar Crash Course can take any beginner from zero to hero.

Free Chord Charts

Most online chord charts are so sketchy they’re practically worthless. My 600+ enhanced chord charts are crafted by a professional (me), and contain all of the info you need to rock your song. MORE

Online Crash Course

Want to learn guitar fast, with minimal frustration and maximum fun? My innovative Crash Course is the way to go. You get all-you-can-play access to 40 video lessons and 10 hours of instruction. MORE

Strum Pattern Videos

What good is a chord chart if you don’t know what pattern to strum? My subscribers get unlimited access to 155+ videos that let you see and hear the strumming patterns in my chord charts. MORE

Learning by the Numbers

Over the years I have amassed quite the collection of content and experience.
It’s all here for you to enjoy and learn from at your own pace.


Years of Experience

Strum Videos

Chord Charts

Green Day, to Guns N’ Roses,
to the Grateful Dead.

Get your core skills down and you’ll be ready to rock songs by all of your favorite artists. My Strum Pattern Videos let beginners see and hear the strumming patterns in my chord charts. If you’re a total newbie, go for my Guitar Crash Course and you’ll learn to strum and sing a song you love, whether you’re into rock, country or blues.


I think my students rock. And vice-versa.

“Nobody does it better than you. I appreciate the other teachers but you are the new benchmark for teaching.” – Ray 

“Finally, someone who teaches how to coordinate solo guitar playing and singing.” – DJ

“You are a great teacher and I wish I had you when I was starting out. Your advice on singing is the best.” – Tom

Guitar Should Be Fun

If it’s not fun, why do it? There are much more productive ways of not having fun.