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    Me and the Sky

    from Come From Away


    Capo 6


    Each chord gets two bars unless otherwise noted


    / G - - - / - - - - / - - - - /


    G (1)                           C                     G/B

        My parents must have thought they had a crazy kid

                                   C                      G (1) D (1)

    'Cause I was one of those kids who always knew what I wanted


    They took me down to the airport to see all the planes departing


    Watching them fly something inside of me was starting

    C                                              D

       I was eight when I told them that I'd be a pilot


    But I was too young and too short and there were no female captains


    And my dad said, "be patient" he said, "just see what happens"


    But I took my first lesson came down from the sky

                           D (break)

    And told my father I'd fly for the rest of my life


    And I got my first job flying for a mortician


    In a tiny bonanza, just a corpse and me


    Five dollars an hour for flying dead bodies

                   G (1)                                   D (1)

    I had to climb over their faces just to get to my seat

             C                                  G

    And suddenly the wheels lift off                                

     C                        D

    The ground is falling backwards, I am suddenly alive


    Chorus 1:

     Em (1)                     D (1)    C

    Suddenly I'm in the cockpit        Suddenly everything's changed

     Em (1)                           D (1)

    Suddenly I'm not too young or too short

                   C (1)                (D) (1) (break)

    And the passengers in the back don't complain

     Em (1)                  D (1)      C

    Suddenly I'm flying company charters, Suddenly everything's high

     Em (1)                    D (1) (break on beat 3)   G     C (1)

    Suddenly there's nothing in between me and the sky


     D (1) (hold)     C                               G/B

            American Airlines had the prettiest planes


    So I applied as a flight engineer

                          G/B (1)               D (1)

    But the World War II pilots, they all complained


    They said, "Girls shouldn't be in the cockpit"


    "Hey lady, hey baby, hey! Why don't you grab us a drink?"


    And the flight attendants weren't my friends back then

                             G/B (1)                (D) (1) (break)

    And they said, "Are you better than us, do you think?"

        C                              G/B

    But I kept getting hired, and the World War II crew, they retired

             C                                  D  (break for 2 bars)

    And the girls all thought much higher of me

                            C (1)              D (1)

    1986 the first female American captain in history


    Chorus 2:

     Em  (1)             D (1)

    Suddenly I'm in the cockpit


    Suddenly I've got my wings

     Em (1)                D (1)

    Suddenly all of those pilots protested me

     C (1) (break)                            D (1) (build)

           Well they can get their own drinks!

     Em (1)                            D (1)

    Suddenly there's no one saying, "Stay grounded"


    Looking down, passing them by

     Em (1)                  D (1)                   G (1) (build)   

    Suddenly there's nothing in between me and the sky



     G (break)              (D)

              Suddenly I've got an all female crew

                              C (1)                   (D) (1)

    The news talked, it made headlines across the world

                 (Em) (1)

    Suddenly it stopped

                        (D) (1)

    No one saying, "You can't" or "You won't"              

            (C) (1)                    D (1)

    Or "You know you're not anything 'cause you're a girl"


    Outro (Each chord gets 1 bar unless otherwise noted):

     C                    D

    Suddenly I'm getting married

                        C                             D

    And we're putting pins on the map where we've flown

     C                      D

    Suddenly I am a mother

                   C                           D

    And suddenly shocked at how much they've grown

     C                    D

    Suddenly I'm wondering how my parents would feel

    C                     D

    Seeing me teaching men to be pilots

            C               D                     Em (2) (hold)

    'Cause suddenly I am a senior instructor and somehow I'm 51

     C                   D

    Suddenly I'm flying Paris to Dallas

       C                   D

    Across The Atlantic and feeling calm

          C                   D

    When suddenly someone on air-to-air traffic says

        C                    D

    "At 8:46 there's been a terrorist action"


    And the one thing I loved more than

    D                             Em (2) (on beat 2, hold)

    anything was used as the bomb



     C                        D

    Suddenly I'm in a hotel

     C                           D

    Suddenly something has died

     C                         D                         G (hold)

    Suddenly there's something in between me and the sky 




    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.