"Hey Jude" Mashup

A music video project by the Seattle Jam community



A video performance of "Hey Jude" featuring the students of Rob Hampton, Joe Walker, Brady Kish, and Andrew Rudd


Combine individual performances of this classic Beatles tune to create a fun, powerful music video.



Chord Charts

You may need to right-click the link to save the file to your computer.

Beatles, The - Hey Jude - Capo 3 (best for most guitarists)

Backing Tracks

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Full version (best for most musicians)

No Vocals version (some singers may prefer this)


You'll be filming yourself perform "Hey Jude" on one device, while you listen to a backing track on a separate device.

What You'll Need

  • The RECORDER: A video recording device (i.e. a phone or computer w/webcam)
  • The PLAYER: An audio playback device w/headphone jack (i.e. a second phone)
  • Headphones


1.  Open your backing track on your PLAYER so that it's ready to play.  Plug in headphones and wear 'em.  Make sure you can hear the backing track clearly as you perform--play it loud.
2.  Point the RECORDER at you so that it's ready to film.  Use Landscape orientation.
3. Press record on the RECORDER.
4.  Press play on your PLAYER.
5.  Clap and count four beats along with Andrew, which will help me sync your video.
6.  Rock your performance!


Tap this button on the device you recorded the video with to send the video to me: 

Send Video to Dropbox

Tips for a Great Performance

Choose a fun location
Do you have a lovely backyard? A view of the space needle? An interesting part of your house? Share it with us!

Use natural light if possible
Face a window that lets in indirect light, or film outside on a cloudy day.

Film at eye level or a little above
This tends to look better than filming from below.

Imagine you're playing for real people
Giving an energized performance for the camera lens can be hard. Imagine a crowd of people behind your camera, or perhaps your best friend--whatever gets you stoked.

Thanks for being into this!  Rock on!

- Andrew, Brady, Joe, and Rob