Another Happy Strummer

I love getting fan mail from musicians using my strum pattern videos.

it’s me again, Rob, but really i have to tell you that your videos have changed my guitar playing life…after 45 years of playing the same old DDUUDU (nice enough in its way), i really have all sorts of new rhythm options thanks to your videos…it all just comes together perfect, chord charts, lyrics, strum patterns and the videos. 

so here i am in Paris and it’s after midnight and i can’t stop.  got that Redemption Song rhythm into Stand By Me and i am grooving.  syncopation, who knew????

thanks thanks thanks.

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  1. hey there im a beginner and wanted to know if you have any tips for me. i am going to try these new strings out from Leivastrings and they are supposed to be color coded learning strings. have you heard about those? let me know. guitar is very hard for me and two other teachers told me about these strings and how they would make life easier for me. how long did it take you to learn?

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      Hi Dardar,

      I haven’t seen those strings, but color coding is a great way to learn patterns. Some of my students also use stickers on their fretboard to remind themselves how to play the melodies and bass lines I teach them.

      It usually surprises people how long it takes to be comfortable playing the guitar (or any musical instrument): Usually hundreds of hours of practice before you can sound good enough to start entertaining other people (other than those who really love you already). I’ve been playing 25 years and I’ve still only begun to learn….

      Hang in there!


  2. It feels nice to be appreciated. My mentor way back then taught me so much when I was still working on my easy Guitar Lessons. He guided me through till I started my advance guitar lessons. Now, I am mentoring new generations of guitarist and it feels amazing!

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