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All Our Dreams




E   Emaj7   Asus2/E   (x4)


E                         Asus2/E  

I've been in love more than once

with the colors in your eyes

I've been in love with the sound of your voice

Like music of the wind in the northern skies



     C#m/E            Bsus4/E
I thought its up to me and you but I

Asus2/E               E
look in stranger's eyes

Asus2/E                         E
See something that I once knew


E                      Asus2/E  

I listen to your songs and touch

the darkness in your night

Such a long hard road you travel

Such a long hard fight




C#m/E   Bsus4/E      

All my     dreams are

Asus2/E       E

rolling round again

Asus2/E               E  
All my dreams are rolling


(Repeat Bridge)


E                              Asus2/E  

It's happened one or twice before

Our paths would cross sometime

A gypsy read it in your stars

Saw it deep in your eyes



     C#m/E            Bsus4/E
I thought its up to me and you

Asus2/E               E

but I look in stranger's eyes

Asus2/E                         E
See somebody that we both knew


(Bridge x2)


(Intro, fade out)





This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.