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Allman Brothers


Strum: D   D  UD D  UDU

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Chord Guide


E:    022100


F#m11/E: 044200


Emaj7:  066400


A:    x02220




C#m:   x06650


D6(9):   x07700


Cmaj7:  x32000


B:    x2444x


D:    xx0232



Intro:  / E - - - / F#m11/E - - - / Emaj7 - - - / F#m11/E - - - /       

E                   F#m11/E                         Emaj7   F#m11/E             
     Crossroads           seem to come and go,              yeah
E                                             F#m11/E                         
   The gypsy flies from coast to coast
A (½)            Bm(add4) (½)  C#m (½)   D6(9) (½)
   Knowing many, loving      none
E (½)          F#m11/E (½)  Emaj7 (½)   F#m11/E (½)         
   Bearing sorrow, having fun
Cmaj7                                     B (hold)
     But back home he'll always run
                 E      F#m11/E    Emaj7   F#m11/E             
To sweet Melissa

E                   F#m11/E                    Emaj7   F#m11/E
   Freight train,     each car looks the same,         all the same

E                                                F#m11/E
   And no one knows the gypsy's name

A (½)            Bm(add4) (½)  C#m (½)   D6(9) (½)
      No one hears his lonely sigh

E (½)                  F#m11/E (½)        Emaj7 (½)   F#m11/E (½)         
    There are no blankets where he lies

Cmaj7                                                B (hold)
     Lord, in deepest dreams the gypsy flies

                 E      F#m11/E    Emaj7   F#m11/E             
To sweet Melissa


  Again the morning’s come
   Again he's on the run
    Sunbeam shining through his hair
   Appearing not to have a care
C#m                                           A        B (2, hold 2nd measure)
       Pick up your gear and gypsy roll on,     roll on


E                   F#m11/E                      Emaj7   F#m11/E
    Crossroads,      will you ever let him go,        no, no

E                                                   F#m11/E
   Or will you hide the dead man’s ghost

A (½)             Bm(add4) (½)  C#m (½)         D6(9) (½)
     Or will he lie               beneath the plain

E (½)                  F#m11/E (½)  Emaj7 (½)   F#m11/E (½)         
      Or will his spirit                 float away

Cmaj7                                         B (hold)
           But I know that he won't stay
                 E      F#m11/E    
Without Melissa

Cmaj7                                    B (hold)
      Yes I know that he won't stay

               E      F#m11/E    Emaj7   F#m11/E

Without Melissa

End on E       

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.