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A Minor Incident

Badly Drawn Boy





G  Am7  Am7  G


(Start Country Strum)

Am  Cmaj7  G  G



G                                Em                    Am               G

There's nothing I could say to make you try to feel OK

       G                        Am                 Cmaj7               D
And nothing you could do to stop me feeling the way I do
       Am                         Em/B             Cmaj7           D

And if the chance should happen that I never see you again

           G           G/C     G/D  G/C    G  (X2) 
Just remember that I'll always love you


G  Am  Cmaj7  G  G



G                       Em                 Am                G
I'd be a better person on the other side I'm sure

         G                    Am             Cmaj7           D

You'd find a way to help yourself find another door

       Am                      Em/B    Cmaj7              D
To shrug off minor incidents, make us both feel proud

             G           G/C     G/D  G/C        G  (X2)  
I'd just wish I could be there to see you through


G  Am  Cmaj7  G  G



(Instrumental Verse)





G                       Em                 Am                G
You always were the one to make us stand out in the crowd

         G                    Am             Cmaj7           D
Though every once apon a while your head was in a cloud

       Am                      Em/B    Cmaj7              D
There's nothing you could never do to ever let me down

             G           G/C     G/D  G/C        G  (X2)  
And remember that I’ll always love you


G  Am  Cmaj7  G  G


G           G/C     G/D  G/C        G  (x4)


Am7  Cmaj7  G

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