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/ n.c. - - - / x2 (w/harmonics)

/ Dmaj7 - - - / A - - - / Bmadd9 - - - / G - - - / x2


           D    Aadd6       G (2)

So I will run away from all I can see in front of me

          D     Aadd6      G (2)

I will lay and talk of my hopes and dreams to make it seem that a

     D      Aadd6     G (2)

light can shine and brighten up the darkest things  But a

     D         Aadd6    G (2)

light can't shine enough to light up these memories



 Dmaj7     A    Bmadd9    G

Dive into me   Dive into me  

      Dmaj7           A               Bmadd9    G

I'll meet you on the water there sometime


            D       Aadd6    G (2)

So say the words before you leave tear my heart off my sleeve

          D        Aadd6    G (2)

And tell me you believe in me in me in me





/ Dmaj7 - - - / - - - E5/D / x4



           D5      A#(b5)       Bmadd9  A#(b5)

And I'll swim halfway  If you swim halfway

 D5              A#(b5)      Bmadd9         A#(b5)

Words help me believe  But this is killing me




Outro Instrumental:

/ Dmaj7 - - - / - - - E5/D / x4


End on D5


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