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    Blitzkrieg Bop

    The Ramones

    Chord Guide


    A5:   577xxx


    D5:   x577xx


    E5:   x799xx


    Intro (repeat 2x):

    / A5 - - - / D5 - (E5) - - / x3

    / A5 - D5 - / A5 - - - /



    NC (6)                                                                A5 (2)

    Hey ho, let’s go hey ho, let’s go hey ho, let’s go hey ho, let’s go


    Verse 1:

                A5                             D5 (½)  (E5) (½)
    They’re forming in straight lines

                A5                                  D5 (½)  (E5) (½)

    they’re going through a tight wind

            A5                                  D5 (½)  (E5) (½)        A5 (½)   D5 (½)    A5
    The kids are losing their minds           the blitzkrieg bop


                A5                             D5 (½)  (E5) (½)
    They’re piling in the back seat

                A5                             D5 (½)  (E5) (½)

    they’re generating steam heat

         A5                              D5 (½)  (E5) (½)        A5 (½)   D5 (½)    A5
    Pulsating to the back beat           the blitzkrieg bop


     D5 (2)                 A5                               D5 (½)   (A5) (½)
    Hey ho, let’s go shoot ’em in the back now

        D5 (2)                                             B5                       D5 (½)  (E5) (½)                 

    what they want, I don’t know--They’re all revved up and ready to go

    Repeat Verses 1 and 2


    Chorus, end on last "go"

    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.