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    Fall Apart Again

    Brandi Carlile


    Capo 3


    Main Riff:


    Intro: Main Riff x2


    w/main riff:

    Long is the day, take it away
    Hold it up and you don't let it fall
    ‘Cause devils play was yesterday
    And I don't care about that at all

    I just smile, once in a while
    Because I don't want the lines on my face
    and I sit right here, holding the years
    And I count all the stars in space

    Chorus 1:

    Fadd9 (½)    C5 (½)        A5 (½)     G5 (½)

                You fall apart again and you can find a friend

    Fadd9 (½)   C5 (½)                 A5 (½)        G5 (½)
            Don't turn to someone else ‘cause they won't

            / Fadd9 - - - / - - G5 - /


    w/main riff:

    Self respect, goes unexpressed
    I don't dream ‘cause I can not sleep
    And I think the world of myself
    But the world doesn't think much of me

    As long as the day is full of time

    there will always be room for your hand in mine

    Chorus 2:
    Fadd9 (½)    C5 (½)        A5 (½)     G5 (½)

                You fall apart again and you can find a friend

    Fadd9 (½)   C5 (½)                 A5 (½)        G5 (½)
            Don't turn to someone else ‘cause they won't understand

    Fadd9 (½)    C5 (½)                 A5 (½)    G5 (½)
           I don't want to hear you say that you miss yesterday

    Fadd9 (½)   C5 (½)                  A5 (½)      G5 (½)                   
          If you don't like what you see that means nothing to me


    / Fadd9 - G5 - /


    Solo:  / A5 - G5 - / F5 - G5 - /

              / A5 - B5 C5 / F5 - G5 - /

              / A5 - G5 - / F5 - - - / G5 - - - /


    w/main riff:
    No one's home I'm alone with my

    music and my TV
    And I still say that yesterday is

    best when left to sleep

    Repeat Chorus 2


    Instrumental Chorus 2


    End on Fadd9

    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.