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    You’ve Been a Friend to Me

    Carter Family


    Capo 3


    Intro:  / D - - - / A7 - - - / D - - - / - - - - /


           D (2)              G (2)                                

    My bark of life was drifting down

           D (2)              A7 (2)

    the troubled sea of time

              D (2)                 G (2)                                

    Since first I saw your smiling face and

      D            A7       D     D7

    youth was in its prime



          G (2)                 D (2)

    I'll ne’er forget where’er I roam

           D (2)              A7 (2)

    wherever you may be

           D (2)        G (2)

    If ever I have had a friend

                 D             A7       D (2)

    you've been that friend to me


    Instrumental Verse


          D (2)                 G (2)

    Misfortune used me as her child and

     D (2)                 A7 (2)

    loved me fondly too

        D (2)                    G (2)

    I would have had a broken heart

          D         A7         D     D7

    had it not been for you




    Instrumental Verse


         D (2)                G (2)

    I now look back upon the past

         D (2)                      A7 (2)

    across life's troubled sea

              D (2)                        G (2)

    And smile to think through all I've seen

                   D       A7        D     D7

    you've been a friend to me


    Chorus, end on 3rd beat of last measure

    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.