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Taylor Swift


/ F5 - - - / F5/E - - - / D5 - - - / Bb5 - - - / x2



      It's just a sad picture,


      The final blow hits you

D5                                             / Bb5 - - (C) /

    Somebody else gets what you wanted again and


     You know it's all the same


     Another time and place

D5                                   Bb5

     Repeating history, and you’re getting sick of it


      D5 (½)          Bb5 (½)       C5

But I believe in whatever you do

            Bb5                           C5 (hold)

And I'll do anything to see it through




Because these things will change


Can you feel it now?

                                  D5                                  Bb5

These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down

                  F5                        F5/E                      D5       Bb5

It's a revolution, the time will come for us to finally win

                       F5       F5/E               

We'll sing hallelujah

                       D5    Bb5 

We'll sing hallelujah,


/ F5 (hold) - - - /



      So we've been outnumbered


        Raided and now cornered

D5                                         Bb5

      It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair


      We're getting stronger now


      From things they never found

D5                                                Bb5 (½)        C5 (½)

     They might be bigger, but we're faster and never scared


D5 (½)                  Bb5 (½)                     C5

    You can walk away and say we don't need this

                     Bb5                                               C5 (hold)

 But there's something in your eyes, says we can beat this




Instrumental: / D5 - - - / Bb5 - - - / F5 - - - / F5/E - - - / x2



F5                     Bb5                           D5

   Tonight we’ll stand and get off our knees

                              Bb5                       F5

 Fight for what we worked for all these years

                        Bb5                             D5

 The battle was long, it's the fight of our lives

                               Bb5 (hold)

 Will we stand up champions tonight?



It was the night things changed


Can you see it now?

                                  D5                             Bb5 (hold)

These walls that they put up to hold us back fell down

                  F5                      F5/Eb                             D5       Bb5

It's a revolution, throw your hands up, cause we never gave in

                F5  F5/E               

We'll sing hallelujah

                D5   Bb5

We'll sing hallelujah

     F5  F5/E D5 Bb5



/ F5 - - - / F5/E - - - / D5 - - - / Bb5 - - - / x3


/ C5 - - - / - - - - / D5 - - - /


Bb5 (hold, let ring)

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