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Crazy Love

Van Morrison

Capo 2

           G                 Bm
I can hear her heart beat
             C                  (G)
from a thousand miles
                 G               Bm
Yeah the heavens open
         C                     (G)
every time she smiles
                    G          Bm
And when I come to her
            C                 (G)
that's where I belong
                 G        Bm
Yeah, I'm running to her
           C               (G)
like a river's song

                      G (½)     D (½)    Em (½)    D (½)       C     (D)
She gives me love      love      love       love      crazy love
                       G (½)     D (½)    Em (½)    D (½)       C   (G)
She gives me love      love      love       love       crazy love


          G                        Bm

She's got a fine sense of humor

C                              (G)

    when I'm feeling low down
G                   Bm

     And when I come to her

C                                (G)

    when the sun goes down
G                    Bm

    Take away my trouble

C                        (G)

     take away my grief
G              Bm

    Take away my heartache,

C                                 (G)

      In the night like a thief



           D      C              G (2)
Yeah I need her in the daytime
D                C              G (2)
       Yeah I need her in the night
D               C                       G                      Em
    Yeah I want to throw my arms around her
        Am                   D                           G    (D) (hold 2)
And kiss her hug her kiss her hug her tight

                 G                  Bm
Yeah when I'm returning

        C            (G)

from so far away
         G                            Bm

She gives me some sweet lovin’

              C               (G)

brighten up my day

              G                  Bm
Yeah it make me righteous,

C                                (G)

    yeah it make me whole

G              Bm
   Yeah it make me mellow

 C                   (G)

down into my soul


Chorus x2

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.