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    On The Sunny Side of the Street

    by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields, as performed by Dan Zanes


    Capo 2


    Chord Guide

          3    4

    G:    3x0003

           213 4

    B7:   x21202

           32 1

    C:    x32010


    D7:   xx0212


    Em:   022000

            1 3

    A7:   x02020

            2 1

    Am7:  x02010




                     G                   B7

    Grab your coat, get your hat

                        C                   D7

    Leave your worries on the doorstep

    Em                         A7  

        Just direct your feet

               Am7 (½)  D7 (½)             G

    To the sunny      side of the street


                     G                   B7

    Don't you hear the pitter pat

                    C                  D7

    And that happy tune is your step

    Em                         A7  

         Life can be so sweet

                Am7 (½)  D7 (½)            G (2)

    On the sunny       side of the street


                     G (2)

    I used to walk in the shade

                    C (2)

    With my blues on parade

    A7 (2)

        I'm not afraid

             D (hold)         D7 (hold)          

    This rover crossed over


           G                B7

    If I never had a cent

                   C                  D7

    I'd be as rich as Rockefeller

    Em                          A7  

        Gold dust at my feet

                 Am7 (½)  D7 (½)            G

    On the sunny        side of the street

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