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    Miss Misery

    Elliott Smith


    Chords used:


    Dm (xx0231)

    C  (x32010)

    Bb (x13331)

    F  (133211)

    Gm7add9 (xx3335)

    Gm (xx5333)

    Am (x02210)

    A  (x02220)

    A7 (x02020)

    G  (320003)

    Ab (466544)

    Cm (x35543)


    (Dm) I'll (C) fake it (Bb) through the (F) day

    With some (Gm7add9) help from Johnny Walker (Gm) Red

    Send the (F) poison (Am) rain (C) down the (Bb) drain

    To (F) put bad thoughts in my (A) head (there's that little fill here)

    (Dm) Two (C) tickets (Bb) torn in (F) half

    And a (Gmadd9) lot, and nothing to (Gm) do

    Do you (F) miss (C) me, (Bb) Miss (F) Mise(G)ry

    Like you (Bb) say you (F) do?


    (Ab) We met in the (Cm) park

    Read the (F) lines in my (Ab) head

    Told me I was (Cm) strong

    Hardly ever (C) wrong I said man you mean


    (Dm) You had (C) plans for (Bb) both of (F) us

    That in(G7madd9)volved a trip out of (Gm) town

    To a (F) place I've (Am) seen in a (C) maga(Bb)zine

    That (F) you left lying a(A)round

    (Dm) I don't (C) have you (Bb) with me (F) but

    I (Gm7add9) keep a good atti(Gm)tude

    Do you (F) miss (C) me, (Bb) Miss (F) Mise(G)ry

    Like you (Bb) say you (F) do?


    (Dm) I know you'd rather see me (Bb) gone

    Than to (F) see me the (G7) way that I (Bb) am

    But I am in the (C) life anyway (A7)


    (Dm) Next (C) door the (Bb) TV's (F) flashing

    (Gm7add9) Blue frames on the (Gm) wall

    It's a (F) come(Am)dy of (C) errors, you (Bb) see

    It's a(F)bout taking a (A) fall

    (Dm) To van(C)ish in(Bb)to ob(F)livi(Gm7add9)on

    Is easy to (Gm) do

    And I (F) try to (C) be but you (Bb) know me

    (F) I come (G) back when you (Bb) want me (F) to (C)

    Do you (F) miss (C) me (Bb) Miss (F)Mise(G)ry

    Like you (Bb) say you (F) do?

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