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Intro:  / Em – Em/D - / C – Em/B - /


            / Em/A – Em/G - / B/F# - B7 - /


    Em        Em/D        C                   Em/B 

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming,

Em/A     Em/G         B/F#    B        Em  Em/D  C  B7              
Cannot cease for the fear of   silent nights.

Em          Em/D            C                Em/B  
Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming,

Em/A    Em/G          B/F#   B     Em  Em/D  C  B7              
      The goddess of imagi -  nary light.


Em                          C
In my field of paper flowers,

Em                       C
And candy clouds of lullaby.

Em                            C
I lie inside myself for hours,

         Em                                    C
And watch my purple sky fly over me.


/ B - - - / B  B/A  B/G  B/F# /

Em                   Dsus2/4

I linger in the doorways,

       Em                                                    Dsus2/4
Of alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name,

              Em                                          Dsus2/4
Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me,

                  Em                                          Dsus2/4
Where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story.

Em                                               C
If you need to leave the world you live in,

Em                                               C
Lay your head down and stay a while.

Em                                             C
Though you may not remember dreaming,

Em                                                 C
Something waits for you to breath again.

/ B - - - / B  B/A  B/G  B/F# /





/ B - - - / B  B/A  B/G  B/F# / Em (hold) /

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.