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What’s Left of the Flag

Flogging Molly



G                                        C                 G

His eyes they closed and his last breath spoke


He had seen all to be seen

G                                C        G

A life once full, now an empty vase

                                     D      G

With the blossoms on his early grave





C                                    G

Walk away me boys, walk away me boys

Em                              D

And by mornin' we'll be free

              G                              C         G

Wipe the golden tear from your mother dear

                                        D        G

And raise what's left of the flag for me.





Then the rosary beads count them one, two, three


Fell apart as they hit the floor.

G                                        C          G

In our garb of black we must pay respect

                             D           G

To the color we're born to mourn.






Verse Progression



G                                              C            G

In his place there grew an angry festered wound


Filled with hatred and remorse

                G                                 C          G

Where I'd pick and scratch till the blood it matched

                                    D         G

The silent rage now that fills my lungs

                                                 C            G

For there are many ways to kill a man they say


With bayonette, axe, or sword

               G                          C             G

But son a bullet fired from a shapeless guise

                                         D         G

Leaves but the shell of a Thompson gun.






Verse Progression




 Em                                              D

From the Eastern to the Western shore

             Em                                      D

Where many men and many more will fall.

             C                   G

But no angel flies with me tonight

       Em                      D

Till freedom reigns on all

        G                                          C            G

And curse the name for which we slaved our days

                                   D           G

Till every man shall his kingdom come



A  D  A  F#m

A  D  A  E  A

D  A  F#m  E

A  D  A  E  A


G                                                       C        G

But sure as night turns day ends the passion play


Oh my god what have they done

         G                                    C         G

With madman's rage well they dug our graves

                               D         G

But the dead rise again you fools


Chorus x2


G  C  G  D  G

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