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My Poor Brain

Foo Fighters


Verse Riff: / C# - - - / (F#/B) - - - / - (F#sus4/B) - (F#/B) /


Intro: Verse Riff x2


Verse 1 (w/Verse Riff):

Real life is so hard

We hide in the stars

That's where our heads are

My head and your heart


Chorus (w/Chorus Riff):

This is a blackout

Don't let it go to waste

This is a blackout

I want to detonate


Verse 2 (w/Verse Riff):

When you are so far

I'm falling apart

Lose all my sonar

You jam my radar




Bridge 1:

G#5           B5               C#5 (2)

Sometimes I feel I'm getting stuck

G#5           B5               C#5 (4)

Between the handshake and the fuck


Interlude: Verse Riff x2


Verse 3 (w/Verse Riff):

You've got me on guard

I've got my head start

My head and your heart

The same in the stars




Bridge 2:

G#5           B5               C#5 (2)

Sometimes I wish that I could change

G#5           B5               C#5 (4)

I can't save you from my poor brain


/ C#5 - - - / x12



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