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Peace and Love

Fountains of Wayne



A              E

Peace and love

A              E
Peace and love

          A                     E
That's all I'm thinking of baby

D              E
Peace and love




A              E           A                E
Riding around in a Volkswagen van

A                             E                    A            E
Thinking 'bout the people upside-down in Japan

A                      E           A               E
Staring at the stars in a distant galaxy

A                             E                             D                   E
Wondering if there's someone out there staring back at me singing


A                   E             A                E
Lying on the floor just playing my guitar

A                           E               A                       E
Trying to find the chords for "Just The Way You Are"

A                  E              A    E
Plane crash flashing on my TV

A                                  E                   D                      E
Well it could have been you, baby, It could have been me
We'll never live forever

A                                     A     E     A    E
But baby things could be worse

             B                                        A                       A     E     A    E    
Cause when we get together we are one with the Universe

A   E    (x8)  w/ woo-hoo’s

A                   E                            A                 E

Sometimes I think I might just move up to Vermont

A            E                   A                E
Open a bookstore or a vegan restaurant

A                   E              A                     E
Got crazy karma, never harmed a single soul

      A                   E                      A                       E
So if you want to join me then together we'll grow old singing



A   E    (x4) 

A   E    (x8)  w/ woo-hoo’s

A   E    (x7)

D   E  A

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