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    Gillian Welch


    Capo 5



    / Em - - - / C - - - / Asus2 - - - / Asus2/C - - - /  x2


    Em                 C       Asus2                 Asus2/C

         Darling remember          when you come to me

    Em                  C      Asus2                               Asus2/C

         I'm the pretender,       and not what I'm supposed to be.

    Am                             C             G       D

         But who could know if I'm a traitor

                           Am    C

    Time's the revelator.


    Em                        C   Asus2                      Asus2/C

      They caught the katy         and left me a mule to ride,

    Em                   C   Asus2                       Asus2/C

         the fortune lady came along and she walked beside,

    Am           C                     G          D

    But ever word seemed to date her

                            Am   C

    Time's the revelator

                 C (hold)  D

    The revelator


    Instrumental over Intro Progression


    Em                 C      Asus2          Asus2/C

        Up in the morning       up and on the ride

    Em                 C         Asus2               Asus2/C

          Drive into corning      and all the spindles whine

    Am                  C                    G          D

         and every day is getting straighter

                            Am   C

    Time's the revelator

                 C (hold)  D

    The revelator


    Instrumental over Intro Progression



    Em                  C      Asus2                 Asus2/C

        Leaving the valley        and fucking out of sight

    Em                        C   Asus2                          Asus2/C
          I’ll go back to Cali    where I can sleep out every night
    Am                  C                             G      D

    and watch the waves and move the fader.

                            Am   C

    Time's the revelator

                 C (hold)  D

    The revelator

    Am                C                 G       D

         Queen of fakes and Imitators

                           Am   C

    Time's the revelator


    Instrumental over Intro Progression x5




        Em                                   C
        Asus2/C                       Asus2/C


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