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    Girl's Mind



    Chord Guide


    Am:   x02210

           3 2 1

    Am7/G: 3x2010

    D7sus2/ T  21

    F#:     2x0210

           T 321

    Fmaj7: 1x3210


    A5:   577xxx


    B5:   799xxx

          1 3 4

    C#5:  91111xxx

         1 3 4

    D5: 101212xxx

          3    4

    G:    3x0003


    E:    022100


    Chorus Strum: D D D D D D D D

                  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


    Main Progression: 

    Am          Am7/G      

    D       D   U       U   D   U

    1   +   2   +   3   +   4   +                         

    D7sus2/F#   Fmaj7

    D       D   U       U   D   U

    1   +   2   +   3   +   4   +


    Intro:  Main Progression x2


    Verse 1 w/main progression:

    When you hear us say yes, sometimes it means no

    We'll tell you to stop, when we want you to go

    I know that we're different, but we're all the same

          Fmaj7                            E

    It's all in the games that we play


    Verse 2 w/main progression:

    Now if you wanna please me, don't take it so far

    You think it's gonna be easy, but you're trying too hard

    Gotta know how to treat me, if you know what I mean

                      Fmaj7              E

    It's still the devil and angel I'm caught between



                    A5 (½)          B5 (½)           C#5 (½)          D5 (½)

    You don't get it, don't see it, don't know what I want

                 A5(½)          B5 (½)         C#5 (½)          D5 (½)

    Don't know how I'm feeling, you got me all wrong boy

           A5 (½)          B5 (½) C#5 (½)        D5 (½)

    So don't you forget it, you'll never get

       G      E (Strum an 8th note on beats 1 & 2)

    inside            A girl's mind


    Main Progression x2


    Verse 3 w/main progression:

    If you heard what I'm saying, you'll be thinking it thru

    You won't do what you want, but what I want you to do...

    Will you figure me out or misunderstand

             Fmaj7                                      E

    'Cos I really want you to know who I am




    Bridge w/main progression:

    If you only knew what I feel for you

    If you only see what you mean to me

    If you'd only hear how much I care



    Fmaj7 (hold)                                    E (hold)

    You'd know what's going on in my head


    Chorus x2 (don't sing "A girl's mind" first time)

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