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Good Charlotte


C7       F          C7   F

  Alright, here we go
        C7                                   F
One time for your mind, your body, and your soul

         C7                                F
Every time that I rhyme, you know I'm in control

     C7                 F
Alright, here we go

               C7                F
Here we go, here we go

C7                       F            C7            F
And we've been here for so many years,

C7        F                 C7           F
Still it seems as if you're not there (are you there)
C7              F        C7          F

Every time I talk, you turn away (do you care),

C7    F                  C7         F
Isn't Dad an obligation to care


C                G                  Am            E
And we've been here for so many years,

Am                E                 G
So many years still it seems

                             C7       F
Why ya so complicated,

        C7         F

            C7       F

                C7           F
Well this feeling is love

           C7                                           F
Well I came through the door, yea I said it before,

    C7                                      F
I never let the stress get me down no more

             C7                                F
Giving thanks to the Lord, yo i pray every day,

             C7                                  F
Giving shouts to my peeps and this is what we say
(and we said)


You got your little room with a black and white TV
You got your one single bed and you don't wanna see,
You're living all alone you're like a dog without a bone,
You're living all alone 'cause you left us all at home,
Well you had a second chance but you threw it all away,
A fourth and fifth and sixth now that was yesterday,
Now you're sitting at a bar just drowning in your tears,
Lonely in your corner while everybody cheers,

(Chorus)(Chorus Ends)

Six dollars in your pocket one's a secret stash,
threes for alcohol, and two's for cigarettes

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