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Killing Me

Graham Colton Band


Capo 2, leave 1st string open (only capo strings 2-6)

Chords in parentheses are anticipated (play on 4th beat of previous measure)


Chord Guide

        12 3

Em7:   022030


Asus4: x02230

        21 3

Cadd9: x32030

       32 1

D11:  x54030

      2   3

G:    3x0030

         32 4

Cadd9*: x32030


D:    xx0230

       1  3

G/B:  x2x030


Main Riff:

|-0-0-2-2-2h4----|-0-0-2-2-2h4---|- x2
|-0---2---0---|-0---2---0----|- x2


Intro:  Main Riff x1


Verse 1 (w/Main Riff))

The cars are passing down below
And all that's left of you is all your clothes
You left your key the T.V's on
Our picture's face down by the alarm clock radio

(2)                                                                    Asus4 (2)

The only thing you ever wanted was for me to be here,
(2)                       D11 (2)

To stay now you've gone away



   G (2)
I really don't know if it'd make it all better

         D11 (2)                                            Cadd9* (4)
But I let myself go and put it in a letter to you

    G (2)
I know I've been stupid and don't have a reason

            D11 (2)                                                  Cadd9* (2)
But I'm tryin' not to ruin the one thing I believe in,          you

       G/B (3 beats)     (Cadd9*) ( hold for 2 more measures)

It's killing me,                  killing you


Verse 2 (w/ Main Riff):
Remember how you drove me mad
You'd leave your rings and jewelry by the bath
Waking up the bed sheets gone
Spend half the night tryin to steal it back

(2)                                                                    Asus4 (2)

The only thing you ever wanted was for me to be here,

     Cadd9 (2)                       G (2)
To stay now you've gone away

   Em7 (2)                                                                             Asus4 (2)
I wish I could pick up the phone and tell you how I'm feeling

                                  Cadd9 (2)                       D (2)
And tell you how I've changed I'd tell you everything

(don't hold last Cadd9 chord, just strum one measure)


G/B  (Cadd9*)         G             (D)
                      You're all that I want,

       G/B (Cadd9*)          G             (D)

(you pleaded)         You're all that I need

    G/B (Cadd9*)  G                   (D)

(I need   it)          Now that you're gone

G/B (Cadd9*)    D (4)

                       I see it


Chorus x2 (skip last line first time, hold last chord)

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.