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    Basket Case

    Green Day


    E5               B5

    Do you have the time

    C#5                G#5

    To listen to me whine

    A5                 E5                B5 (2)

    About nothing and everything all at once

    E5               B5

    I am one of those

    C#5                G#5

    Melodramatic fools

    A5                 E5                B5 (2)

    Neurotic to the bone no doubt about it



    A5                     B5               E5 (2)

        Sometimes I give myself the creeps

    A5                        B5                       E5 (2)

        Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me

    A5                     B5

    It all keeps adding up

        E5 (½)      D5 (½)    C#5 

    I think I'm cracking up

        A5                B5

    Am I just paranoid?   Am I just stoned?



    / E5 - B5 - / C#5 - B5 -/   x2


       E5             B5

    I went to a shrink

         C#5              G#5

    To analyze my dreams

           A5                    E5                         B5 (2)

    She says it's lack of sex that's bringing me down

       E5             B5

    I went to a whore

            C#5                G#5

    She said my life’s a bore

             A5                    E5                           B5 (2)

    And quit my whining 'cause it's bringing her down





    / E5 - B5 - / C#5 - B5 -/   x4



       A (2)         Bb (2, hold second measure)

    Grasping to control          So you better hold on


    Instrumental Verse





    / E5 - - - / C# - - - / A5 - E5 - / B5 - - - / x4


    / A5 - E5 - / B5 - - - / x2, hold each chord

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