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Hard Time Killing Floor

Skip James, as performed by Buddy Guy


E (2)

Hard times are here
And everywhere you go

A (2)
Times are harder
Than they ever been before


E (3)
Um, hm-hm
Um, hm-hm

E (½)
Um, hm-hm-hm


Turnaround: / E - - - / E - B7 - /


E (2)
You know that people are driftin’
from door to door

A (2)
But they can't find no heaven
I don't care where they go


E (2)
People, if I ever can get up off
this hard killing floor

A (2)
Lord, I'll never get down
Down this low no more


E (2)
Well, you hear me singin' this song
Old lonesome song

A (2)
People, you know these hard times
Can't last us so long

Chorus x2


End on E

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