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Why Not

Hilary Duff


I changed this song to the key of G so that it can be played without barre chords.


Intro:  Em  C  G  D  (prog. X2)


         G                                C

You think you're going nowhere

                     Em                       D
When you're walking down the street

           G                    C
You're acting like you just don't care

          Em                  D
When life can be so sweet

G                      C
Why you wanna be like that

    Em                            D
As if there's nothing new

You're not fooling no one
You're not even fooling you

G                         C
So walk a little slower

       Em                    D
and open up your eyes

G                           C
Sometimes it's so hard to see

        Em                         D
the good things passing by

G                                C
There may never be a sign

      Em                 D
No flashing neon light

Telling you to make your move

Or when the time is right


     Em       C
So why not

G                           D
Take a crazy chance

Em        C
Why not

G                       D
Do a crazy dance

Em                             C
If you lose the moment

G                       D
you might lose a lot

     C      G
So why not

C       G
Why not

G             C
(Why not take a crazy chance

Em         D
why not take a crazy chance)


         G                           C
You always dress in yellow

                Em                  D
when you wanna dress in gold

      G                      C
Instead of listening to your heart

       Em                         D
You do just what you're told

G                           C
You keep waiting where you are

      Em                            D
For what you'll never know

Let's just get into your car

And Go baby Go




D   Em

C                     G
I could be the one for you

D      Em
Ohh yeah

           C                   G
Maybe yes, maybe no

D   Em

C                      G
It could be the thing to do

What I'm saying is

You gotta let me know

/ G - - - / - - - - / C - - - / - - - - / (x2)


          Em (hold)
You'll never get to heaven

     D (hold)
Or even to L.A.

If you don't believe there's a way

Em        C
Why not

G                                 D
Take a star from the sky

Em       C
Why not

    G                                D
Spread your wings and fly

Em                       C
It might take a little

G                            D
Or it might take a lot

      C     G
So why not

C      G
why not


This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.